Flipbook Video From Your PDF Product (101-200 pages)

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Want to add a flipbook video of your PDF product into your online shop?

I'll create the video for you!

This is an example of how your flipbook video from your product would look like:

 This flipbook video from your product is not just perfect for your customers to get a better view of what you've got to offer, but you can also use the video on your YouTube channel to get more eyes on your workbook, ebook, planner or binder.


Purchase this if your product is 101-200 pages. 



A 100-page PDF will be approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds long video.

A 150-page PDF will be approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds long video. And so on. 


If you have under 100-page PDF please purchase this product:

Flipbook video form your product (1-100 pages) 




1. After you'll purchase the service to create a flipbook you'll be sent the instructions on how to deliver the PDF files that you want to convert into a flipbook video.

2. You'll have 7 days to submit your files according to the instructions

3. The delivery time for the flipbook video is 3 working days. Please note: I'm on vacation until the 25th of May, so during this time, I'm not able to create the videos but can do them for you after I return to the office. 

The videos will be delivered as a link (Google Drive). The link to download the videos will expire in 30 days.


NOTE! The instructions on how to submit the files will be delivered to you as an attachment in your confirmation email.  



There's no sound on the video.

This is a video, not an interactive flipbook.

The background of the video will be grey as in the pictures and example video.


The video is delivered to you as .mov and .mp4 files. 

If your file is over 50MB - please read: If your PDF file is over 50MB it might be that I need to compress the file before making the video. The resolution might suffer a little, but I'll do my best to keep the image as sharp as possible. 


After you've delivered the files, you can upload them to your YouTube channel and embed the video to your Shopify store. 

You can easily add information about your product on your YouTube Flipbook Video and share it with your audience and get more eyes to your store and to your product. 

All of the products in the SaturdayGift Shop are digital downloads only. 

Some devices like phones and iPads don't allow downloading through a link. I recommend to use your computer to download the files.


*** Unfortunately, I am unable to provide personalized technical help for downloading products because technology differs over devices. ***


But in case you're having trouble downloading your products, here are some quick tips that might help you.


What happens after you purchase a digital product from the SaturdayGift Shop?

  • To download the product you purchased you have two ways to download your product:
    1. After you've purchased the product you'll be directed to a thank you page. There you'll see a box saying "preparing your downloads". If you wait long enough you after the "preparations" are done, you click to download the files.
    2. You will also receive an email that says "Your downloads are ready". And there you have a button that you can click to download your purchase.


Can't view the PDF file?

  • All of the planners, binders and workbooks are sent in a PDF format.
  • Most of the computers have Adobe Reader (which is free) or something similar. You'll need a program like that to view a PDF file. If yours doesn't have a program to view PDFs yet, you can download for example Adobe Acrobat Reader free. >>> Google Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Can't open the .ZIP file?

  • Some of the products are sent to you as compressed PDF files. 
  • Here's how to unzip a ZIP file:
  1. Laptop/desktop: Save .zip file to your computer. Right click the file. Choose "Extract All". Or with some computers you can double-click the .zip file and that will extract the files. TIP! If you save the extracted files to iCloud or DropBox then you can easily access the files also on your mobile device.
  2. On mobile devices: Before you unzip your files on your mobile, check if you need an app to extract your .zip files. If you do need an app to open the .zip files, you can check your app store for File Explorer (free). 

Note: I recommend using your computer to download and extract the files.


Can't find the downloads from your computer after you've downloaded them?

  • Check My Computer > Downloads OR
  • Finder > Downloads OR
  • Search the file name (product name) from your computer and locate the file that way


I hope these quick tips helped, and you can start using and enjoying your digital products.