The 10-step method to achieve your goals - printable workbook

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Simple 10-page workbook that'll take you through the 10-step method to go from a goal setter to a goal getter!

You'll also get the 10-step method cheatsheet that is the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal. 

Printable workbook (PDF) - digital download - nothing will be shipped. 



A Japanese Proverb says: Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

 We've all been there. Having an amazing vision about how we would love our lives to be, but we don't take action to actually allow us to have the dream life we are so hoping to have. 

 And at the same time, we're all also very busy in our lives! So in that sense, we actually do take a lot of action because we have a lot of things we do!

 But if there is no vision, we are just mindlessly doing a lot of things that take us nowhere. 

 So there needs to be both a vision and action to achieve goals. 

 Dreaming about doing things is equally important as actually doing the things you dream about.

 But without action, those dreams might become a nightmare.

 So let's not let that happen!

 This workbook will guide you to choose one of your dreams and you'll create a mindset (step-by-step) that'll allow you to create actionable steps and stay motivated to achieve your goal. 

 Are you ready to take your goal setting and goal achieving to the next level? Super! Let's do it!

- Cristina 

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